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Brief Introduction:
School of Environment in Jinan University was founded in April in 2014 on the base of Environmental Department in the School of Science and Engineering. Dr. Eddy Y. Zeng, an internationally recognized environmental scholar, the chief editor of Environmental Pollution, and one of the receivers of Chinese NSF for Distinguished Young Scholar (2005), serves as the first Dean.
Diverse cut-edge researches are conducted here to better understand the behaviors of various contaminates in environment and innovate new technologies to remediate the pollutions. The primary research areas include environmental chemistry, ecology pollution, risk of environmental exposure and health, environmental pollution control and remediation, and environmental planning and management.
Excellent research “stages” has been created for our faculty members and graduate students, including one key laboratory of Guangdong province, two engineering centers of Guangdong province, one key university laboratory of Guangdong province, one education-research-development base,and one education demonstration center of Guangdong Province.
Located on the fourth floor of the Second Science and Engineering Hall in the Jinan University, we owns over 2310 m2 for research and teaching laboratories, including thirteenlaboratories for environmental science research,six laboratories for environmental engineering research, two laboratories for water and wastewater engineering, three innovation laboratories, and four laboratories for instruments and environmental analysis. The laboratories are filled with advanced instruments, such as LC-MS, GC/MS, and ICP-MS, for the diverse research conducted here. The value of the total fixed assets is over 40 million RMB.
We are very active in the participation of international communication and collaboration. Every year, there are more 10 person-times in the participation of international conference or symposium. We also send out more than 10 exchange or visiting students to the prestigious research institutions all over the world every year. In 2014, Dr. Eddy. Zeng initiated and hosted the 1st international conference on Environmental Pollution and Health in the City of Guangzhou, to discuss the languages of human bodies responding to environmental pollutions.

Achievements and Honors:
More than 20 books and 600 research papers have been published by School of Environment. More than 400 of the published papers are recorded by either Science Citation Index or Engineering Index. Moreover,we have received one national reward and approximately 10 rewards at provincial and ministerial-level.
In the past 3 years, School of Environment received more than 40 grants at national-level and approximately 50 grants at provincial and ministerial-level. The total awarded funding is over 50 million RMB.
School of Environment consists of two departments and one research center: Department of Environmental Science, Department of Environmental Engineering, and Environmental Engineering Research Center.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs:
(1)Environmental Science
(2)Environmental Engineering
(3)Water and Wastewater Engineering.

Master’s Degree Programs:
Environmental Science and Engineering (First discipline);
Environmental Science (Secondary Discipline);
Environmental Engineering (Secondary Discipline);

PhD Programs:
Doctorial degree in Ecology, shared with the Department of Ecology

Post-doctoral Programs:
Postdoctoral Mobile Station in Ecology, shared with the Department of Ecology

Faculty and Staff:
Currently School of Environment has 31 faculty members (13 full professor, 15 associate professors, and 3 assistant professors), 5 laboratory technicians and 5 staffs. 6 faculty members serves as doctoral student advisors and 19 faculty members serves as master student advisors.

Adjunct professor:
Hung, Wong Ming:
Professor of Hong Kong Baptist University, Chair professor of Yangtze scholar by Chinese Ministry of Education.
Wu, Fengchang:
Receiver of NSF for Distinguished Young Scholars, Chief Scientist of 973 Project by Ministry of Science and Technology, Director of State-Key Laboratory.
Zhou, Dongmei:
Receiver of NSF for Distinguished Young Scholars.
Leung, Kelvin S. Y.:
Associate Professor and Associate Head of the Department and Programme Director, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Currently, School of Environment enrolls 215 undergraduate students (95 for Environmental Engineering and 120 for Environmental Science), and 54 of them are international students. We also have 169 graduate students, with 141 on-campus and 28 off-campus. For the 141 on-campus graduate students, 99 of them are pursuing an academic engineering degree and 42 of them are studying for a professional degree.